Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Prairie Moon - Maggie Osborne

Back Cover Blurb

Living on a rundown farm at the edge of a small Texas town, Della Ward is haunted by the bittersweet life she once lived with an adoring husband who died too soon. Once a laughing, carefree soul, Della is now a widow with only guilty memories for company. Until the day she sees a rugged stranger riding across the prairie toward her house. His presence awakens Della’s heart, but she can never imagine the ways this man will forever change her life.

Lawman James Cameron believes in settling debts and living by honor. It may have taken him ten years to arrive at Della’s door, but he’s finally here and is determined to tell her the truth about the day her husband died. But one look at the woman whose picture he has carried with him for years and he knows that the truth may destroy them both. For Cameron will have to face the past and force Della to do the same before either of them can have a future . . . or each other.

My Review
I'm still recovering from my weekend in Vegas so I'm not sure how concise this review is going to be but here it goes.

This was my first Maggie Osborne and I really really enjoyed it.  I love angst and this story had plenty of it and not made up my ex-wife/girlfriend/lover cheated on me and now I can't love anyone angst but real honest to goodness angst. ****Minor Spoiler****** James Cameron killed Della's husband during the war and has come to make amends and deliver the letter he found in her husbands pocket.  Only 10 years later he's fallen in love with Della through her picture and can't bring himself to tell her.  I loved it.  Della was a true western heroine who is strong, independent and hard working.  James is the strong, silent western lawman that I love.  Although, he didn't talk much throughout the book every word he spoke was that much more important because of it.  

The story line mostly focused on these two getting to know one another and was a bit slow at times but I found it really worked for this story.  The ending was tied up just a touch too easily for a true angst bunny like myself but all and all this was a solid and very enjoyable read.

Rating 8/10


Kristie (J) said...

A Western!! Yea, you loved a Western. And Wendy will be very happy too since Maggie Osborne is one of her favourites

Wendy said...

That's what I love about Maggie Osborne. When she wrote angst (which she did quite often!), it never felt contrived or silly. She also wrote such great heroines. They type of heroines who didn't "need" the romance, but truly "deserved" it. Her characters could go on living without a happily-ever-after, but dagnabit, they deserved one :)

Kristie (J) said...

And while I'm pretty sure I have this one - I don't know if I've read it or not.
No - wait - after reading the spoiler - I have read this one and I quite enjoyed it too :-)

novelnelle said...

Gah- I just read over this review and I don't think I did the book justice. It probably would have been wise for me to wait an extra couple days before attempting to write a review (is it just me or is Vegas jet lag worse than regular jet lag?) I also should have mentioned that although I found the ending not quite up to par perhaps I was being a tad persnickety since I was crammed into an airplane seat next to smelly people I don't know. I'm not sure any book could have adequately transported me...

Anyhoo, Kristie and Wendy thanks again for doing The Great Western drive it really motivated me to finally go ahead and pick one of my Maggie Osbornes from the TBR heap :)

Hilcia said...

I don't think I read this one... don't remember it. Thanks for posting on it, I must look it up. :)