Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Down Side of Really Great Books

If you read my post from yesterday I'm sure your aware that I looooooved Almost Heaven by Judith McNaught. Or maybe you aren't - these 6:00 a.m. posts are not exactly my most concise writings...

Anyhoo, Almost Heaven was the best book I've read so far this year - I loved everything about it. However, I'm now finding myself in the same conundrum I usually find myself in when I read a book that I positively fall in love with. I can't find anything else to read. I want to read another romance but that really wouldn't be fair since I'd be continuously comparing the couple to Ian and Elizabeth and lets face it they can be an even more wonderful couple and have a more wonderful story but it won't matter because my brain wants Ian and Elizabeth. Okay - so romance is out I don't even want to switch sub-genres because it still won't be fair. Well, I have lots of other genres in my 600+ TBR pile just pick one of those. So I did. I picked several and I can't get into any of them why?? because I want another romance. So I look at the romances again... but no we already know why I can't pick a romance.

Do you see the circle of hell I've created for myself now? I've been here before it can take weeks for me to find my way out of it.

So what do you to get over those really great books? Do you re-read them? Read books by the same author? Just take a break from reading? I need help over here!!!!

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Hilcia said...

I pick up a romance, if that's what I feel like reading. Usually I try something different. If the awesome book is a historical romance, then I read a contemp or a PNR for a change... but, I read what I feel like reading, otherwise I'll jump back and forth until I do. :)