Friday, December 11, 2009

December is a write off...

Sheesh, between having two jobs, getting ready for Christmas, two family birthdays and football sundays. I'm having serious trouble finding much time for anything. I have read a couple books - here are my mini-reviews.

All You Can Eat - Emma Holly

This book was okay. It wasn't bad and it was certainly hot but I just didn't connect with the characters very well and preferred the heroines fling to the actual hero in the book. I didn't really by into the romance portion all that much either but it was entertaining.

Grade 6.5/10

The Lake - Richard Laymon

This was a horror novel which I found out after the fact was found amongst the authors things after he passed away and then published. Well - whoever made that decision did the author a serious disservice because I for one will never spend my hard earned dollars on a book by this man again despite the fact that most people feel this was a first draft that should never have been published and pales in comparison to his other works. You think you've read some pretty TSTL characters in romance novels or seen them in your typical horror movie? Trust me these two morons really take the cake. I'll just give you a small sample of beyond stupid things they did. Just a little background this is a mother and daughter. The daughter's boyfriend was just murdered by a psycho-path who then chased the daughter through the forest with a meat clever only she was lucky enough to hide and then make it to the police station. It is also made very clear to her that it appears she was a target and this wasn't a random attack. There are some spoilers here FYI.

1. Mother and daughter believe the psycho path may be in the house so they call the cops and hide in the bathroom. Sounds smart right only the cop who is coming is kinda hot right? So the mother turns on the hair dryer and starts blow drying hair before he gets there.

2. Daughter now knows there is a crazy man out to kill and decides that since she can't sleep she would take a kitchen knife and go out for a 1:00 a.m. run through the forest. Then she runs into some guy who thinks it's normal to walk is dog at 1:00 a.m. and rather than thinking Wow - I'm lucky he didn't attack and rape me I won't do this again she decides that he's really pretty cute and (her boyfriend has already been dead for a whole 7 days you know) she's going to go out again the next night in the hopes that she will run into him again then she goes to his house to have hot chocolate.

3. Another random psycho is trying to kill the daughter. The mother, daughter and another cop all know who it is and why and what he plans to do. They go home to the house where they have continued to live during numerous attacks on their lives, which the crazy killer has a key to (and the daughter is well aware of this) which is very remote and in the forest. Then the mother and the cop all have "emergencies" they just have to leave for and they leave the daughter in the house alone!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me????

I should also mention these were the two horniest women I've ever seen in my life. I don't think there was a moment in the book where they weren't getting "excited" about something that was happening. Not to mention the weird happenings that would pop up out of nowhere have nothing to do with the story then just dissappear never to be heard from again.

This book was horrible even if it was a first draft. The way the women behaved in this book was beyond ridiculous. I couldn't even tell you why I finished it but I did and I will never ever ever buy a book written by this author again.

Rating 0/10

Yeesh - on a happy note I'm currently reading By Design by Madeline Hunter and I think I may be enjoying it even more than By Arrangement.